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File: Vars.know

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File: Vars.know
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Xbert rule set
Class: PHP Expert System Engine
Ask questions and make decisions based on answers
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Date: 4 years ago
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/*,, Vars.know -- example for local and global variables for testing XbertClass.php
Also shows optional ways to enter comments.
,#, set variable 'south' to a value of 180 degrees,'north' to 360 degrees, 'node' to 4
	,loc, <node> 4
	,glob, <south> 180 degrees
	,loc, <north> 360 degrees
# since this rule set starts with node 1, a NO response skips everything.
	,,- - - -
	,,This is an example for setting and retrieving data
	,,using global and local variables.
	,Asky, Say YES to see how variables work and test them.
6	,glob, <count> 1
	,, The count starts with <count>.  Next 8 is then added to it.
#	,, <total> has not been declared yet so the ADD command creates it as a local variable.
	,add, <count> 8 <total>
	,,- - - - -
	,, 'total' was created and has the value of <total>.
	,,This line displays a fixed dollar amount of $29.99.
	,ask, How much money do you need? Numeric expected with no $.
# sets the variable txt to the value of the latest reply <> by default
	,glob, <txt>
	,ask, Say something else!
	,glob, <gtxt>
//	test ability to substitute variables in a displayed line
	,,* * * * *
	,,Variable values for 'south' is <south> and 'north' is <north>,
	,pau,and for 'txt' it's $<txt> and 'gtxt' is "<gtxt>".
	,,- - - -
# the 1st column for the node can be a variable
<node>,,We branched off to node <node>.
	,pau,	Now testing to see if four variables are set which they should be.
	,,'node' is a local variable
	,,'txt' is a global variable
	,,'south' is set
	,iss,<north>  --->additional words here are ignored for this command
	,,'north' is set
3	,,Now testing to see if variables are NOT set.
	,pau, You should not see any error messages.
	,,<er> 'count' should NOT be local.
3	,isg,<node>
	,,<er> 'node' should NOT be global.
3	,iss, <aaa>
	,, <er> 'aaa' should NOT be found anywhere.
3	,pau,-- Whew -- finally all done.
For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.