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File: docs/api/JuliusHaertl/PHPDocToRst/Extension/Extension.rst
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Sphinx PHP Doc RST
Generate Sphinx documentation from PHPDoc comments
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.. rst-class:: phpdoctorst

.. role:: php(code)
	:language: php


.. php:namespace:: JuliusHaertl\PHPDocToRst\Extension

.. rst-class::  abstract

.. php:class:: Extension

		`../../src/Extension/Extension.php#27 <>`_



* :php:meth:`public \_\_construct\($project, $arguments\)<JuliusHaertl\\PHPDocToRst\\Extension\\Extension::\_\_construct\(\)>`
* :php:meth:`public prepare\(\)<JuliusHaertl\\PHPDocToRst\\Extension\\Extension::prepare\(\)>`
* :php:meth:`public render\($type, $builder, $element\)<JuliusHaertl\\PHPDocToRst\\Extension\\Extension::render\(\)>`
* :php:meth:`public shouldRenderElement\($element\)<JuliusHaertl\\PHPDocToRst\\Extension\\Extension::shouldRenderElement\(\)>`
* :php:meth:`public shouldRenderIndex\($type, $element\)<JuliusHaertl\\PHPDocToRst\\Extension\\Extension::shouldRenderIndex\(\)>`


.. php:attr:: protected static project

		`../../src/Extension/Extension.php#30 <>`_
	:Type: :any:`\\phpDocumentor\\Reflection\\Php\\Project <phpDocumentor\\Reflection\\Php\\Project>` 

.. php:attr:: protected static arguments

		`../../src/Extension/Extension.php#33 <>`_
	:Type: array 


.. rst-class:: public

	.. php:method:: public __construct( $project, $arguments=\[\])
			`../../src/Extension/Extension.php#35 <>`_

.. rst-class:: public

	.. php:method:: public prepare()
		.. rst-class:: phpdoc-description
			| Method that will be ran before generating any documentation files
			| This is useful for preparing own data structures
			| to be used in the output documentation\.
			`../../src/Extension/Extension.php#46 <>`_

.. rst-class:: public

	.. php:method:: public render( $type, &$builder, $element)
		.. rst-class:: phpdoc-description
			| Implement custom rendering functionality here\.
			| It will be executed by Builder classes depending on the given type\.
			| Currently supported types:
			|  \- PhpDomainBuilder::SECTION\_BEFORE\_DESCRIPTION
			|  \- PhpDomainBuilder::SECTION\_AFTER\_DESCRIPTION
			`../../src/Extension/Extension.php#63 <>`_
			* **$type** (string)  
			* **$builder** (:any:`JuliusHaertl\\PHPDocToRst\\Builder\\ExtensionBuilder <JuliusHaertl\\PHPDocToRst\\Builder\\ExtensionBuilder>`)  
			* **$element** (:any:`phpDocumentor\\Reflection\\Element <phpDocumentor\\Reflection\\Element>`)  context for the render type


.. rst-class:: public

	.. php:method:: public shouldRenderElement( $element)
		.. rst-class:: phpdoc-description
			| This method will be called to check if a certain element should
			| be rendered in the documentation\.
			| An example extension that makes use of it is PublicOnlyExtension
			`../../src/Extension/Extension.php#77 <>`_
			* **$element** (:any:`phpDocumentor\\Reflection\\Element <phpDocumentor\\Reflection\\Element>`)  

		:Returns: bool 

.. rst-class:: public

	.. php:method:: public shouldRenderIndex( $type, $element)
			`../../src/Extension/Extension.php#82 <>`_

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