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File: vendor/monolog/monolog/
Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Inventory Management System with Scanner
Manage inventory stock using scanner application
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1.25.1 (2019-09-06)

* Fixed forward-compatible interfaces to be compatible with Monolog 1.x too.

1.25.0 (2019-09-06)

* Deprecated SlackbotHandler, use SlackWebhookHandler or SlackHandler instead * Deprecated RavenHandler, use sentry/sentry 2.x and their Sentry\Monolog\Handler instead * Deprecated HipChatHandler, migrate to Slack and use SlackWebhookHandler or SlackHandler instead * Added forward-compatible interfaces and traits FormattableHandlerInterface, FormattableHandlerTrait, ProcessableHandlerInterface, ProcessableHandlerTrait. If you use modern PHP and want to make code compatible with Monolog 1 and 2 this can help. You will have to require at least Monolog 1.25 though. * Added support for RFC3164 (outdated BSD syslog protocol) to SyslogUdpHandler * Fixed issue in GroupHandler and WhatFailureGroupHandler where setting multiple processors would duplicate records * Fixed issue in SignalHandler restarting syscalls functionality * Fixed normalizers handling of exception backtraces to avoid serializing arguments in some cases * Fixed ZendMonitorHandler to work with the latest Zend Server versions * Fixed ChromePHPHandler to avoid sending more data than latest Chrome versions allow in headers (4KB down from 256KB).

1.24.0 (2018-11-05)

* BC Notice: If you are extending any of the Monolog's Formatters' normalize method, make sure you add the new $depth = 0 argument to your function signature to avoid strict PHP warnings. * Added a ResettableInterface in order to reset/reset/clear/flush handlers and processors * Added a ProcessorInterface as an optional way to label a class as being a processor (mostly useful for autowiring dependency containers) * Added a way to log signals being received using Monolog\SignalHandler * Added ability to customize error handling at the Logger level using Logger::setExceptionHandler * Added InsightOpsHandler to migrate users of the LogEntriesHandler * Added protection to NormalizerHandler against circular and very deep structures, it now stops normalizing at a depth of 9 * Added capture of stack traces to ErrorHandler when logging PHP errors * Added RavenHandler support for a contexts context or extra key to forward that to Sentry's contexts * Added forwarding of context info to FluentdFormatter * Added SocketHandler::setChunkSize to override the default chunk size in case you must send large log lines to rsyslog for example * Added ability to extend/override BrowserConsoleHandler * Added SlackWebhookHandler::getWebhookUrl and SlackHandler::getToken to enable class extensibility * Added SwiftMailerHandler::getSubjectFormatter to enable class extensibility * Dropped official support for HHVM in test builds * Fixed normalization of exception traces when call_user_func is used to avoid serializing objects and the data they contain * Fixed naming of fields in Slack handler, all field names are now capitalized in all cases * Fixed HipChatHandler bug where slack dropped messages randomly * Fixed normalization of objects in Slack handlers * Fixed support for PHP7's Throwable in NewRelicHandler * Fixed race bug when StreamHandler sometimes incorrectly reported it failed to create a directory * Fixed table row styling issues in HtmlFormatter * Fixed RavenHandler dropping the message when logging exception * Fixed WhatFailureGroupHandler skipping processors when using handleBatch

and implement it where possible

* Fixed display of anonymous class names

1.23.0 (2017-06-19)

* Improved SyslogUdpHandler's support for RFC5424 and added optional $ident argument * Fixed GelfHandler truncation to be per field and not per message * Fixed compatibility issue with PHP <5.3.6 * Fixed support for headless Chrome in ChromePHPHandler * Fixed support for latest Aws SDK in DynamoDbHandler * Fixed support for SwiftMailer 6.0+ in SwiftMailerHandler

1.22.1 (2017-03-13)

* Fixed lots of minor issues in the new Slack integrations * Fixed support for allowInlineLineBreaks in LineFormatter when formatting exception backtraces

1.22.0 (2016-11-26)

* Added SlackbotHandler and SlackWebhookHandler to set up Slack integration more easily * Added MercurialProcessor to add mercurial revision and branch names to log records * Added support for AWS SDK v3 in DynamoDbHandler * Fixed fatal errors occuring when normalizing generators that have been fully consumed * Fixed RollbarHandler to include a level (rollbar level), monolog_level (original name), channel and datetime (unix) * Fixed RollbarHandler not flushing records automatically, calling close() explicitly is not necessary anymore * Fixed SyslogUdpHandler to avoid sending empty frames * Fixed a few PHP 7.0 and 7.1 compatibility issues

1.21.0 (2016-07-29)

* Break: Reverted the addition of $context when the ErrorHandler handles regular php errors from 1.20.0 as it was causing issues * Added support for more formats in RotatingFileHandler::setFilenameFormat as long as they have Y, m and d in order * Added ability to format the main line of text the SlackHandler sends by explictly setting a formatter on the handler * Added information about SoapFault instances in NormalizerFormatter * Added $handleOnlyReportedErrors option on ErrorHandler::registerErrorHandler (default true) to allow logging of all errors no matter the error_reporting level

1.20.0 (2016-07-02)

* Added FingersCrossedHandler::activate() to manually trigger the handler regardless of the activation policy * Added StreamHandler::getUrl to retrieve the stream's URL * Added ability to override addRow/addTitle in HtmlFormatter * Added the $context to context information when the ErrorHandler handles a regular php error * Deprecated RotatingFileHandler::setFilenameFormat to only support 3 formats: Y, Y-m and Y-m-d * Fixed WhatFailureGroupHandler to work with PHP7 throwables * Fixed a few minor bugs

1.19.0 (2016-04-12)

* Break: StreamHandler will not close streams automatically that it does not own. If you pass in a stream (not a path/url), then it will not close it for you. You can retrieve those using getStream() if needed * Added DeduplicationHandler to remove duplicate records from notifications across multiple requests, useful for email or other notifications on errors * Added ability to use %message% and other LineFormatter replacements in the subject line of emails sent with NativeMailHandler and SwiftMailerHandler * Fixed HipChatHandler handling of long messages

1.18.2 (2016-04-02)

* Fixed ElasticaFormatter to use more precise dates * Fixed GelfMessageFormatter sending too long messages

1.18.1 (2016-03-13)

* Fixed SlackHandler bug where slack dropped messages randomly * Fixed RedisHandler issue when using with the PHPRedis extension * Fixed AmqpHandler content-type being incorrectly set when using with the AMQP extension * Fixed BrowserConsoleHandler regression

1.18.0 (2016-03-01)

* Added optional reduction of timestamp precision via Logger->useMicrosecondTimestamps(false), disabling it gets you a bit of performance boost but reduces the precision to the second instead of microsecond * Added possibility to skip some extra stack frames in IntrospectionProcessor if you have some library wrapping Monolog that is always adding frames * Added Logger->withName to clone a logger (keeping all handlers) with a new name * Added FluentdFormatter for the Fluentd unix socket protocol * Added HandlerWrapper base class to ease the creation of handler wrappers, just extend it and override as needed Added support for replacing context sub-keys using `%context.%` in LineFormatter * Added support for payload context value in RollbarHandler * Added setRelease to RavenHandler to describe the application version, sent with every log * Added support for fingerprint context value in RavenHandler * Fixed JSON encoding errors that would gobble up the whole log record, we now handle those more gracefully by dropping chars as needed * Fixed write timeouts in SocketHandler and derivatives, set to 10sec by default, lower it with setWritingTimeout() * Fixed PHP7 compatibility with regard to Exception/Throwable handling in a few places

1.17.2 (2015-10-14)

* Fixed ErrorHandler compatibility with non-Monolog PSR-3 loggers * Fixed SlackHandler handling to use slack functionalities better * Fixed SwiftMailerHandler bug when sending multiple emails they all had the same id * Fixed 5.3 compatibility regression

1.17.1 (2015-08-31)

* Fixed RollbarHandler triggering PHP notices

1.17.0 (2015-08-30)

* Added support for checksum and release context/extra values in RavenHandler * Added better support for exceptions in RollbarHandler * Added UidProcessor::getUid * Added support for showing the resource type in NormalizedFormatter * Fixed IntrospectionProcessor triggering PHP notices

1.16.0 (2015-08-09)

* Added IFTTTHandler to notify triggers * Added Logger::setHandlers() to allow setting/replacing all handlers * Added $capSize in RedisHandler to cap the log size * Fixed StreamHandler creation of directory to only trigger when the first log write happens * Fixed bug in the handling of curl failures * Fixed duplicate logging of fatal errors when both error and fatal error handlers are registered in monolog's ErrorHandler * Fixed missing fatal errors records with handlers that need to be closed to flush log records * Fixed TagProcessor::addTags support for associative arrays

1.15.0 (2015-07-12)

* Added addTags and setTags methods to change a TagProcessor * Added automatic creation of directories if they are missing for a StreamHandler to open a log file * Added retry functionality to Loggly, Cube and Mandrill handlers so they retry up to 5 times in case of network failure * Fixed process exit code being incorrectly reset to 0 if ErrorHandler::registerExceptionHandler was used * Fixed HTML/JS escaping in BrowserConsoleHandler * Fixed JSON encoding errors being silently suppressed (PHP 5.5+ only)

1.14.0 (2015-06-19)

* Added PHPConsoleHandler to send record to Chrome's PHP Console extension and library * Added support for objects implementing __toString in the NormalizerFormatter * Added support for HipChat's v2 API in HipChatHandler * Added Logger::setTimezone() to initialize the timezone monolog should use in case date.timezone isn't correct for your app * Added an option to send formatted message instead of the raw record on PushoverHandler via ->useFormattedMessage(true) * Fixed curl errors being silently suppressed

1.13.1 (2015-03-09)

* Fixed regression in HipChat requiring a new token to be created

1.13.0 (2015-03-05)

* Added Registry::hasLogger to check for the presence of a logger instance * Added context.user support to RavenHandler * Added HipChat API v2 support in the HipChatHandler * Added NativeMailerHandler::addParameter to pass params to the mail() process * Added context data to SlackHandler when $includeContextAndExtra is true * Added ability to customize the Swift_Message per-email in SwiftMailerHandler * Fixed SwiftMailerHandler to lazily create message instances if a callback is provided * Fixed serialization of INF and NaN values in Normalizer and LineFormatter

1.12.0 (2014-12-29)

* Break: HandlerInterface::isHandling now receives a partial record containing only a level key. This was always the intent and does not break any Monolog handler but is strictly speaking a BC break and you should check if you relied on any other field in your own handlers. * Added PsrHandler to forward records to another PSR-3 logger * Added SamplingHandler to wrap around a handler and include only every Nth record * Added MongoDBFormatter to support better storage with MongoDBHandler (it must be enabled manually for now) * Added exception codes in the output of most formatters * Added LineFormatter::includeStacktraces to enable exception stack traces in logs (uses more than one line) * Added $useShortAttachment to SlackHandler to minify attachment size and $includeExtra to append extra data * Added $host to HipChatHandler for users of private instances * Added $transactionName to NewRelicHandler and support for a transaction_name context value * Fixed MandrillHandler to avoid outputing API call responses * Fixed some non-standard behaviors in SyslogUdpHandler

1.11.0 (2014-09-30)

* Break: The NewRelicHandler extra and context data are now prefixed with extra_ and context_ to avoid clashes. Watch out if you have scripts reading those from the API and rely on names * Added WhatFailureGroupHandler to suppress any exception coming from the wrapped handlers and avoid chain failures if a logging service fails * Added MandrillHandler to send emails via the API * Added SlackHandler to log records to a account * Added FleepHookHandler to log records to a account * Added LogglyHandler::addTag to allow adding tags to an existing handler * Added $ignoreEmptyContextAndExtra to LineFormatter to avoid empty [] at the end * Added $useLocking to StreamHandler and RotatingFileHandler to enable flock() while writing * Added support for PhpAmqpLib in the AmqpHandler * Added FingersCrossedHandler::clear and BufferHandler::clear to reset them between batches in long running jobs * Added support for adding extra fields from $_SERVER in the WebProcessor * Fixed support for non-string values in PrsLogMessageProcessor * Fixed SwiftMailer messages being sent with the wrong date in long running scripts * Fixed minor PHP 5.6 compatibility issues * Fixed BufferHandler::close being called twice

1.10.0 (2014-06-04)

* Added Logger::getHandlers() and Logger::getProcessors() methods * Added $passthruLevel argument to FingersCrossedHandler to let it always pass some records through even if the trigger level is not reached * Added support for extra data in NewRelicHandler * Added $expandNewlines flag to the ErrorLogHandler to create multiple log entries when a message has multiple lines

1.9.1 (2014-04-24)

* Fixed regression in RotatingFileHandler file permissions * Fixed initialization of the BufferHandler to make sure it gets flushed after receiving records * Fixed ChromePHPHandler and FirePHPHandler's activation strategies to be more conservative

1.9.0 (2014-04-20)

* Added LogEntriesHandler to send logs to a LogEntries account * Added $filePermissions to tweak file mode on StreamHandler and RotatingFileHandler * Added $useFormatting flag to MemoryProcessor to make it send raw data in bytes * Added support for table formatting in FirePHPHandler via the table context key * Added a TagProcessor to add tags to records, and support for tags in RavenHandler * Added $appendNewline flag to the JsonFormatter to enable using it when logging to files * Added sound support to the PushoverHandler * Fixed multi-threading support in StreamHandler * Fixed empty headers issue when ChromePHPHandler received no records * Fixed default format of the ErrorLogHandler

1.8.0 (2014-03-23)

* Break: the LineFormatter now strips newlines by default because this was a bug, set $allowInlineLineBreaks to true if you need them * Added BrowserConsoleHandler to send logs to any browser's console via console.log() injection in the output * Added FilterHandler to filter records and only allow those of a given list of levels through to the wrapped handler * Added FlowdockHandler to send logs to a Flowdock account * Added RollbarHandler to send logs to a Rollbar account * Added HtmlFormatter to send prettier log emails with colors for each log level * Added GitProcessor to add the current branch/commit to extra record data * Added a Monolog\Registry class to allow easier global access to pre-configured loggers * Added support for the new official graylog2/gelf-php lib for GelfHandler, upgrade if you can by replacing the mlehner/gelf-php requirement * Added support for HHVM * Added support for Loggly batch uploads * Added support for tweaking the content type and encoding in NativeMailerHandler * Added $skipClassesPartials to tweak the ignored classes in the IntrospectionProcessor * Fixed batch request support in GelfHandler

1.7.0 (2013-11-14)

* Added ElasticSearchHandler to send logs to an Elastic Search server * Added DynamoDbHandler and ScalarFormatter to send logs to Amazon's Dynamo DB * Added SyslogUdpHandler to send logs to a remote syslogd server * Added LogglyHandler to send logs to a Loggly account * Added $level to IntrospectionProcessor so it only adds backtraces when needed * Added $version to LogstashFormatter to allow using the new v1 Logstash format * Added $appName to NewRelicHandler * Added configuration of Pushover notification retries/expiry * Added $maxColumnWidth to NativeMailerHandler to change the 70 chars default * Added chainability to most setters for all handlers * Fixed RavenHandler batch processing so it takes the message from the record with highest priority * Fixed HipChatHandler batch processing so it sends all messages at once * Fixed issues with eAccelerator * Fixed and improved many small things

1.6.0 (2013-07-29)

* Added HipChatHandler to send logs to a HipChat chat room * Added ErrorLogHandler to send logs to PHP's error_log function * Added NewRelicHandler to send logs to NewRelic's service * Added Monolog\ErrorHandler helper class to register a Logger as exception/error/fatal handler * Added ChannelLevelActivationStrategy for the FingersCrossedHandler to customize levels by channel * Added stack traces output when normalizing exceptions (json output & co) * Added Monolog\Logger::API constant (currently 1) * Added support for ChromePHP's v4.0 extension * Added support for message priorities in PushoverHandler, see $highPriorityLevel and $emergencyLevel * Added support for sending messages to multiple users at once with the PushoverHandler * Fixed RavenHandler's support for batch sending of messages (when behind a Buffer or FingersCrossedHandler) * Fixed normalization of Traversables with very large data sets, only the first 1000 items are shown now * Fixed issue in RotatingFileHandler when an open_basedir restriction is active * Fixed minor issues in RavenHandler and bumped the API to Raven 0.5.0 * Fixed SyslogHandler issue when many were used concurrently with different facilities

1.5.0 (2013-04-23)

* Added ProcessIdProcessor to inject the PID in log records * Added UidProcessor to inject a unique identifier to all log records of one request/run * Added support for previous exceptions in the LineFormatter exception serialization * Added Monolog\Logger::getLevels() to get all available levels * Fixed ChromePHPHandler so it avoids sending headers larger than Chrome can handle

1.4.1 (2013-04-01)

* Fixed exception formatting in the LineFormatter to be more minimalistic * Fixed RavenHandler's handling of context/extra data, requires Raven client >0.1.0 * Fixed log rotation in RotatingFileHandler to work with long running scripts spanning multiple days * Fixed WebProcessor array access so it checks for data presence * Fixed Buffer, Group and FingersCrossed handlers to make use of their processors

1.4.0 (2013-02-13)

* Added RedisHandler to log to Redis via the Predis library or the phpredis extension * Added ZendMonitorHandler to log to the Zend Server monitor * Added the possibility to pass arrays of handlers and processors directly in the Logger constructor * Added $useSSL option to the PushoverHandler which is enabled by default * Fixed ChromePHPHandler and FirePHPHandler issue when multiple instances are used simultaneously * Fixed header injection capability in the NativeMailHandler

1.3.1 (2013-01-11)

* Fixed LogstashFormatter to be usable with stream handlers * Fixed GelfMessageFormatter levels on Windows

1.3.0 (2013-01-08)

* Added PSR-3 compliance, the Monolog\Logger class is now an instance of Psr\Log\LoggerInterface * Added PsrLogMessageProcessor that you can selectively enable for full PSR-3 compliance * Added LogstashFormatter (combine with SocketHandler or StreamHandler to send logs to Logstash) * Added PushoverHandler to send mobile notifications * Added CouchDBHandler and DoctrineCouchDBHandler * Added RavenHandler to send data to Sentry servers * Added support for the new MongoClient class in MongoDBHandler * Added microsecond precision to log records' timestamps * Added $flushOnOverflow param to BufferHandler to flush by batches instead of losing

the oldest entries

* Fixed normalization of objects with cyclic references

1.2.1 (2012-08-29)

* Added new $logopts arg to SyslogHandler to provide custom openlog options * Fixed fatal error in SyslogHandler

1.2.0 (2012-08-18)

* Added AmqpHandler (for use with AMQP servers) * Added CubeHandler * Added NativeMailerHandler::addHeader() to send custom headers in mails * Added the possibility to specify more than one recipient in NativeMailerHandler * Added the possibility to specify float timeouts in SocketHandler * Added NOTICE and EMERGENCY levels to conform with RFC 5424 * Fixed the log records to use the php default timezone instead of UTC * Fixed BufferHandler not being flushed properly on PHP fatal errors * Fixed normalization of exotic resource types * Fixed the default format of the SyslogHandler to avoid duplicating datetimes in syslog

1.1.0 (2012-04-23)

* Added Monolog\Logger::isHandling() to check if a handler will

handle the given log level

* Added ChromePHPHandler * Added MongoDBHandler * Added GelfHandler (for use with Graylog2 servers) * Added SocketHandler (for use with syslog-ng for example) * Added NormalizerFormatter * Added the possibility to change the activation strategy of the FingersCrossedHandler * Added possibility to show microseconds in logs * Added server and referer to WebProcessor output

1.0.2 (2011-10-24)

* Fixed bug in IE with large response headers and FirePHPHandler

1.0.1 (2011-08-25)

* Added MemoryPeakUsageProcessor and MemoryUsageProcessor * Added Monolog\Logger::getName() to get a logger's channel name

1.0.0 (2011-07-06)

* Added IntrospectionProcessor to get info from where the logger was called * Fixed WebProcessor in CLI

1.0.0-RC1 (2011-07-01)

* Initial release

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