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File: vendor/ramsey/uuid/
Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Inventory Management System with Scanner
Manage inventory stock using scanner application
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ramsey/uuid Changelog


_Released: 2018-07-19_

* Add support for determining MAC address on FreeBSD systems (#212) * Add a polyfill for PHP ctype functions to support systems where the ctype functions are not part of the PHP build (#223) * Improve validation to disallow UUIDs with a trailing newline character (#225) * Add annotations for thrown exceptions for improved IDE hinting (#232) * Improve documentation, testing, and project metadata (i.e. .gitattributes, etc.)


_Released: 2018-01-19_

In rare cases, when using glob() to find `/sys/class/net//addressfiles on Linux,glob()encountered errors, returningfalseinstead of an empty array, causingarray_map()to emit warnings since its second parameter was not an array; this release gracefully handles cases whereglob()returnsfalse` #203 * Fixed an off-by-one error in DefaultTimeGenerator and switching to random_int() from mt_rand() for better random numbers #206


_Released: 2018-01-13_

* On Linux, first check sysfs to determine node identifier; this provides a reliable way to identify the node on Docker images, etc. #185


_Released: 2017-09-22_

* Use random_bytes() when generating random nodes * Set the multicast bit for random nodes, according to RFC 4122, 4.5, #170, #171, #182


_Released: 2017-08-04_

* Add UUID version constants #173, #177



_Released: 2017-03-26_

* Optimize UUID string decoding #164


_Released: 2017-03-18_

* Add InvalidUuidStringException, thrown when attempting to decode an invalid string UUID; this does not introduce any BC issues, since the new exception inherits from the previously used InvalidArgumentException #162 * Improve memory usage when generating large quantities of UUIDs (use str_pad() and dechex() instead of sprintf()) #160 * Minor test and documentation updates


_Released: 2016-11-22_

* Improved test coverage.


_Released: 2016-10-02_

* Fixed issue where same UUIDs were not treated as equal with mixed case (#131, #137). * Test cleanup.


_Released: 2016-08-02_

* Add OrderedTimeCodec to store UUID in an optimized way for InnoDB (#117, #118). * Fixed RandomNodeProvider to prevent invalid node generation (#129). * Cache failed attempt to retrieve system node to avoid multiple system calls (#107, #121). * Various test improvements.


_Released: 2016-04-23_

* Fixed test that violated a PHP CodeSniffer rule, breaking the build.


_Released: 2016-04-23_

* Add TimestampFirstCombCodec and TimestampLastCombCodec codecs. * Improve logic of CombGenerator for COMB sequential UUIDs. * Significantly improved test coverage.


_Released: 2016-03-22_

* Drop the use of OpenSSL as a fallback and use [paragonie/random_compat][] to support RandomBytesGenerator in versions of PHP earlier than 7.0. This addresses and fixes the [collision issue][]. * Improved test coverage. * Update code to conduct to version 1.4 of the Contributor Covenant.


_Released: 2016-02-17_

* Add random generator option for use for the PECL libsodium extension. * Updates to test infrastructure.


_Released: 2015-12-17_

* Uuid objects now may be properly serialized/unserialized. * Update build environments for testing on Travis CI.


_Released: 2015-10-21_

* Add project Contributor Code of Conduct * Modify Travis CI builds to run tests on multiple CPU architectures * Clean up code, tests, and documentation


_Released: 2015-09-28_

The 3.0.0 release represents a significant step for the ramsey/uuid library. While the simple and familiar API used in previous versions remains intact, this release provides greater flexibility to integrators, including the ability to inject your own number generators, UUID codecs, node and time providers, and more.

* BREAK: The root namespace for this package has changed from "Rhumsaa" to "Ramsey." In most cases, simply making this change in your applications is the only upgrade path you will need. Everything else should work as expected. * BREAK: The UUID Doctrine field type has been moved to ramsey/uuid-doctrine. * BREAK: The uuid console application has been moved to ramsey/uuid-console. * BREAK: The Uuid::VERSION package version constant has been removed. * See also the release notes for [3.0.0-alpha1][300-alpha1], [3.0.0-alpha2][300-alpha2], [3.0.0-alpha3][300-alpha3], and [3.0.0-beta1][300-beta1].

[300-alpha1]: [300-alpha2]: [300-alpha3]: [300-beta1]:


_Released: 2015-08-31_

* Improve GUID support to ensure that:

* On little endian (LE) architectures, the byte order of the first three fields is LE.
* On big endian (BE) architectures, it is the same as a GUID.
* String representation is always the same.

* Fix exception message for DegradedNumberConverter::fromHex(). * Add Scrutinizer configuration to run code-quality builds through Scrutinizer. * Auto-fix Scrutinizer issues. * Fix support URLs in composer.json to point to the correct GitHub repository.


_Released: 2015-07-28_

* Time generator improvements:

* Enabled use of custom TimeGenerator implementations.
  * BREAK: Removed now unnecessary `timeConverter` and `timeProvider` properties, setters, and getters in both `FeatureSet` and `UuidFactory` as those are now exclusively used by the default `TimeGenerator`.
  * Added a `setTimeGenerator` method on `UuidFactory` to override the default time generator.
* Add option to enable `PeclUuidTimeGenerator` via `FeatureSet`.


_Released: 2015-07-28_

* BREAK: Removed PeclUuidFactory in favor of using pecl-uuid with generators. * NEW: Refactored time-based (version 1) UUIDs into a TimeGeneratorInterface to allow for other sources to generate version 1 UUIDs in this library. * NEW: Added PeclUuidTimeGenerator and PeclUuidRandomGenerator for creating version 1 or version 4 UUIDs using the pecl-uuid extension. * NEW: Add RandomBytesGenerator for use with PHP 7. ramsey/uuid will default to use this generator when running on PHP 7. * RandomLibAdapter now defaults to a medium-strength generator with ircmaxell/random-lib. This is configurable, so other generator strengths may be used. * Migrated to the Travis CI container-based infrastructure for builds. * Documentation updates and corrections.


_Released: 2015-07-16_

* BREAK: The root namespace for this package has changed from "Rhumsaa" to "Ramsey." In most cases, simply making this change in your applications is the only upgrade path you will need. Everything else should work as expected. * BREAK: The UUID Doctrine field type has been moved to ramsey/uuid-doctrine. * BREAK: The uuid console application has been moved to ramsey/uuid-console. * BREAK: The Uuid::VERSION package version constant has been removed. * NEW: The Uuid class is no longer marked as final. Everything is now based around interfaces and factories, allowing you to use this package as a base to implement other kinds of UUIDs with different dependencies. * NEW: Through setting dependencies on UuidFactory and/or extending FeatureSet, you may override any package defaults, injecting your own dependencies. * NEW: For random number generation, in addition to OpenSslGenerator (used if openssl_random_pseudo_bytes() is present) and the fallback MtRandGenerator, you may use the bundled CombGenerator for sequential UUIDs or the RandomLibAdapter if using ircmaxell/random-lib. * NEW: In addition to the default UUID generation, this library also supports GUID generation by configuring a FeatureSet to use GUIDs. * NEW: While the interface to create UUIDs hasn't changed, if using this package on a 32-bit system, you will now receive an object of type DegradedUuid (which extends Uuid, which implements UuidInterface). * NEW: All UUIDs are now JsonSerializable.


_Released: 2016-03-22_

* Drop support for OpenSSL in favor of [paragonie/random_compat][]. This addresses and fixes the [collision issue][].


_Released: 2015-12-17_

* Add support for symfony/console v3. * Update build matrix to run Travis CI tests on PHP 7 & with lowest package versions.


_Released: 2015-08-31_

* Fix exception message in Uuid::calculateUuidTime(). * Update composer.json to reflect new repository and package name.


_Released: 2015-07-23_

* Ensure the release tag makes it into the rhumsaa/uuid package. * Minor documentation changes.


_Released: 2015-06-16_

* Use passthru() and output buffering in getIfconfig(). * Cache the system node in a static variable so that we process it only once per runtime. * Set ramsey/uuid as a replacement for rhumsaa/uuid in composer.json. * Documentation updates and corrections.


_Released: 2014-11-09_

* Added static fromInteger() method to create UUIDs from string integer or \Moontoast\Math\BigNumber. * Friendlier Doctrine conversion to Uuid or string. * Documentation fixes.


_Released: 2014-10-29_

* Changed loop in generateBytes() from foreach to for; see #33 * Use toString() in README examples to avoid confusion * Exclude build/development tools from releases using .gitattributes * Set timezone properly for tests


_Released: 2014-08-27_

* Fixed upper range for mt_rand used in version 4 UUIDs


_Released: 2014-07-28_

* Upgraded to PSR-4 autoloading * Testing upgrades:

* Testing against PHP 5.6
* Testing with PHPUnit 4
* Using to generate code coverage reports

* Documentation fixes


_Released: 2014-02-19_

* Moved moontoast/math and symfony/console to require-dev; fixes #20 * Now supporting symfony/console for 2.3 (LTS version); fixes #21 * Updated tests to run even when dev packages are not installed (skips tests if requirements are not met)


_Released: 2014-01-31_

* Moved UUID validation regex pattern into constant for external use (Uuid::VALID_PATTERN)


_Released: 2014-01-27_

* Fixed bug where uuid console application could not find the Composer autoloader when installed in another project


_Released: 2014-01-17_

* Introduced uuid console application for generating and decoding UUIDs from CLI (run ./bin/uuid for details) * Added Uuid::getInteger() to retrieve a Moontoast\Math\BigNumber representation of the 128-bit integer representing the UUID * Added Uuid::getHex() to retrieve the hexadecimal representation of the UUID * Now using netstat on Linux to capture the node for a version 1 UUID * Now requiring Moontoast\Math as part of the regular package requirements, not just the dev requirements


_Released: 2013-10-30_

* Using openssl_random_pseudo_bytes(), if available, to generate random bytes, by merging in PR #15 from @dfreudenberger * Fixed test for Rhumsaa\Uuid\Doctrine\UuidType, by merging in PR #17 from @dfreudenberger * Documentation fixes


_Released: 2013-07-29_

* Uuid::getVersion() now returns null if the UUID isn't an RFC 4122 variant * Uuid::fromString() now supports a 128-bit integer formatted as a hexadecimal string (UUID without dashes) * Tests have been greatly enhanced, borrowing from the Python UUID library


_Released: 2013-07-16_

* Added Uuid::fromBytes() by merging in PR #14 from @asm89


_Released: 2013-07-04_

* Added Doctrine\UuidType::requiresSQLCommentHint() method by merging in PR #13 from @zerrvox * Removed "minimum-stability": "dev" from composer.json


_Released: 2013-07-03_

* @ericthelin found cases where the system node was coming back with uppercase hexadecimal digits; this ensures that case in the node is converted to lowercase


_Released: 2013-04-29_

* Fixed NIL bug in Uuid::isValid() method, reported by @ocubom in PR #11


_Released: 2013-04-15_

* Added static Uuid::isValid() method for checking whether a string is a valid UUID


_Released: 2013-02-11_

* Break: Uuid class is now marked as "final" * Break: Uuid::getLeastSignificantBits() no longer returns an integer on 64-bit platforms; it requires moontoast/math * Break: Uuid::getMostSignificantBits() no longer returns an integer on 64-bit platforms; it requires moontoast/math * Break: Moved UnsupportedOperationException to the Exception subnamespace * Added support for 32-bit platforms * Added generated API documentation to the repository


_Released: 2012-11-29_

* Relaxed Doctrine type conversion rules


_Released: 2012-08-27_

* Removed final keyword from Uuid class


_Released: 2012-08-06_

* Added Doctrine\UuidType as a field mapping type for the Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer (DBAL) * Improved tests and code coverage


_Released: 2012-07-19_

* Initial release

[paragonie/random_compat]: [collision issue]:

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