File: codeigniter/application/language/indonesian/profiler_lang.php

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File: codeigniter/application/language/indonesian/profiler_lang.php
Role: Auxiliary script
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Description: Auxiliary script
Class: Dwitri PHP Social Network Platform
Create a community site like a social network
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 * System messages translation for CodeIgniter(tm)
 * @author CodeIgniter community
 * @author Mutasim Ridlo, S.Kom
 * @copyright Copyright (c) 2014 - 2017, British Columbia Institute of Technology (
 * @license MIT License
 * @link
defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

$lang['profiler_database'] = 'BASIS DATA';
$lang['profiler_controller_info'] = 'KELAS/METODE';
$lang['profiler_benchmarks'] = 'TOLOK UKUR';
$lang['profiler_queries'] = 'KUERI';
$lang['profiler_get_data'] = 'GET DATA';
$lang['profiler_post_data'] = 'POST DATA';
$lang['profiler_uri_string'] = 'URI STRING';
$lang['profiler_memory_usage'] = 'PENGGUNAAN MEMORI';
$lang['profiler_config'] = 'VARIABEL KONFIG';
$lang['profiler_session_data'] = 'SESSI DATA';
$lang['profiler_headers'] = 'HTTP HEADERS';
$lang['profiler_no_db'] = 'Driver basis data saat ini tidak dimuat';
$lang['profiler_no_queries'] = 'Tidak ada kueri yang dijalankan';
$lang['profiler_no_post'] = 'Tidak ada data POST';
$lang['profiler_no_get'] = 'Tidak ada data GET';
$lang['profiler_no_uri'] = 'Tidak ada data URI';
$lang['profiler_no_memory'] = 'Penggunaan Memori Tidak Tersedia';
$lang['profiler_no_profiles'] = 'Tidak ada Profil Data - semua bagian Profiler telah dinonaktifkan.';
$lang['profiler_section_hide'] = 'Sembunyi';
$lang['profiler_section_show'] = 'Tampil';
$lang['profiler_seconds'] = 'detik';

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