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Class: CS form validator
Validate submitted form values in multiple ways
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its an easy and handy PHP form validator

How to Use

first you have to set validation rules with input name


> Noted: every rules will be separated by '&'

after setting up the rules then you have to validate the inputs

$valid=Validator::validate($input, $rules);

It will validate all of your inputs from your rules.

Check Has Error

If you want to check that all of your input are valid then you have to use Validator::hasErrors()

	//do something

If error occurred then return true

Get All Errors Message

If you want to get all errors then use the method Validator::errorsAll()

this method return all error messages as an array. so you can print all error by this procedure

foreach($valid->errorsAll() as $error){
    echo '<li>'.$error.'</li>';

Get Specific Message

If you want to get specific field all message then use it. Validator::getErrors('name')

 foreach($valid->getErrors('email') as $error){
	    echo '<li>'.$error.'</li>';

> Noted: Here all errors messages are stored in the session so you can > display it anywhere of the project

List of all rules

> here after the color ':' are mentioned for parameters of rules

- required - min:number [example: min:10] - max:number [example: max:10] - file - date - date_max:date [example: date_max:10-07-2014] - date_min:date [example: date_min:10-07-2014] - in:comma_separeted_string [example: in:3,4,asia,mango] - not_in:comma_separeted_string [example: not_in:3,4,asia,mango] - image - file_type:comma_separeted_string [example: file_type:jpg,png,bmp] - same:another_input_field [example: same:repassword] - different:another_input_field [example: different:firstName] - email [example: email] - url - numeric - integer - range:from,to [example: range:6,30] - pattern:regular_expression [example: pattern:/[0-9]/] - unique:table,column [example: unique:tbl_users,username] - exist:table,column [example: exist:tbl_users,username]

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.