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Summary:Second turn...
Author:Guilherme Heyse Ribas
Date:2010-01-18 14:21:57
Update:2010-01-18 14:29:23


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Picture of Guilherme Heyse Ribas Guilherme Heyse Ribas - 2010-01-18 14:29:23
Hello Manuel.

Thanks for that post. Some users still didnīt know about the second turn.
It is nice to see how the contest is going fine and lots of users are participating, commenting and voting.

I also would like to thank all for voting for my proposal (Cool Sky) in the first turn. I am really glad I was choosen by the users as a finalist.

Lots of modifications were made in my proposal for the second turn, based on users feedbacks. I hope you like it.

Best regards,
Guilherme Ribas

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