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Description:Access Microsoft Access .mdb database files

Subject Last update Replies
'Call-time pass-by reference' error
'Call-time pass-by reference' error
2012-10-01 13:26 0
Hello! Question about $mdb->close()
Object is already closed
2012-04-13 06:37 0
From a linux server
Any idea how to get this work from a linux server
2010-03-11 21:52 1
cannot find file always
seems like class cannot always resolve real path to database
2008-08-29 09:26 0
error while reading file
error while reading file
2008-03-25 16:40 1
Perfect!!! I loooove you
Package rating comment
2008-01-31 08:13 0
Having problems with execute function when trying to INSERT
2006-03-08 15:11 8
mdb class under apache
is it possible to use the mdb class under apache?
2005-10-07 16:17 1
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