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Summary:Downloaded Script, Having Issues. Do you have Offset list?
Date:2006-01-09 14:39:39


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Picture of Josh Josh - 2006-01-09 14:39:39
Hey there. I am having a little trouble getting it to run. It seems that the test PHP needs to include the main class PHP, which it didn't when I first downloaded it. After changing the include, everything seemed to run fine, but it's been erasing my savegame in slot 0 instead of editing it.

Can you shed any light on what might be going on? If you could, it would be great.

If not, do you have a list of the offsets you used to write the script, or can I find it in the script myself? A text file would be awesome.

Also, your listed email address here doesn't seem to work, hence me posting here. :)