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Subject:Special chars encoding
Summary:Short fix for german umlaut chars
Author:Frank Herget
Date:2010-01-24 13:27:20


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Picture of Frank Herget Frank Herget - 2010-01-24 13:27:20
First of all thanks for this class, just a small update here, as it returns 0 on german umlaut addresses.

function setcode($address = '', $city = '', $country = '', $zip = '') {
$this->address = htmlspecialchars($address, ENT_QUOTES,'utf-8');
$this->city = htmlspecialchars($city, ENT_QUOTES,'utf-8');
$this->country = htmlspecialchars($country, ENT_QUOTES,'utf-8');
$this->zip = $zip;

with this fix, you can use things like Münchener Str. etc.