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Limited support for non-ASCII characters

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Subject:Limited support for non-ASCII characters
Summary:Only for DOCX documents is non-ASCII converted
Author:Erik Maaløe
Date:2015-11-11 16:18:41

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Picture of Erik Maaløe Erik Maaløe - 2015-11-11 16:18:41
I would very much like to use this class in my cattaDoc project (, but I have found limitations for non-ASCII characters like in Danish:
1) DOCX: The class converts non-ASCII characters if utf-8 is used and declared (ini_set('default_charset', 'utf-8');).
2) DOC: The class cannot convert non-ASCII characters.
3) PDF: The class converts all non-ASCII characters to the same graphical symbol.
Conclusion: The present version can only be used for DOCX documents in general and for English-only documents in DOC og PDF formats.