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ISBNDB Service: Retrieve book information by ISBN from

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This package can be used to retrieve book information by ISBN from

It accesses the Web services API server and execute several types of operations to request information about books.

There are several classes that can perform searches for books or retrieve information about specific books, categories, authors and publishers.

Extended documentation can be found at

README for ISBNDBService v1.0 07-06-2009 (7 june 2009) ISBNDBService is a PHP wrapper for's webservice API. It will represent the returned data as PHP objects that can be manipulated and read. Features: * Implements paging mechanism used by the webservice * Can represent all data currently returned by the webservice * Can handle all request types currently used by the webservice * Makes pages and resultset function as iterators Warnings: This library relies on an implementation of an autoload mechanism. No files are automatically included or required to allow for a flexible implementation of this library in your project Tips: If you want to display data from a result or a collection in a generic way, say XML or JSON use the decorator pattern. For example if you want to display a collection as an xml string to use in an AJAX request: <code> class ISBNDBServiceCollectionDecoratorXML { protected $collection = null; public function __construct(ISBNDBServiceCollection $collection) { $this->collection = $collection; } public function __toString() { /** * This is the place where you loop over your collection and * create the xml string that you need to display. */ } } </code>

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Name: ISBNDB Service
Base name: isbndbservice
Description: Retrieve book information by ISBN from
Version: 1.0
PHP version: 5.2
License: BSD License
All time users: 577 users
All time rank: 5308
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Week rank: 181 Equal
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PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
June 2009
Number 9
Many sites display pages with details and reviews about books.

This class makes it possible to retrieve and display details about many books in any site by accessing the book database via Web services.

Manuel Lemos

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Plain text file ISBNDBPaginator.php Class ISBNDBPaginator
Plain text file ISBNDBService.php Class ISBNDBService
Plain text file ISBNDBServiceAuthor.php Class ISBNDBServiceAuthor
Plain text file ISBNDBServiceBook.php Class ISBNDBServiceBook
Plain text file ISBNDBServiceCategory.php Class ISBNDBServiceCategory
Plain text file ISBNDBServiceCollection.php Class ISBNDBServiceCollection
Plain text file ISBNDBServicePublisher.php Class ISBNDBServicePublisher
Plain text file ISBNDBServiceResult.php Class ISBNDBServiceResult
Plain text file ISBNDBServiceSubject.php Class ISBNDBServiceSubject
Accessible without login Plain text file LICENSE Lic. License
Accessible without login Plain text file README Doc. Readme

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