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Parse Google search results: Get Google results in an array

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Parse Google search results


Picture of prithvimanBhattacharjee by prithvimanBhattacharjee - 8 years ago (2015-04-25)

Get Google results in an array

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I would like to parse Google search result in an array or object after scraping the Google results page with a given keyword or search terms.

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  • 1. Picture of Dave Smith by Dave Smith - 8 years ago (2015-05-03) Reply

    Since google is the current master of the universe, I am not sure I would break their terms of service and start scraping their results. They do provide a custom search api, however the problem with creating wrappers for google api's is that they seem to always deprecate the api after a few years. I wasn't able to find anything working for their current api, so maybe this request will become featured.

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    PHP Google Custom Search API: Search for keywords using Google Custom Search API

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    Picture of Manuel Lemos by Manuel Lemos Reputation 23115 - 7 years ago (2015-08-16) Comment

    It is not recommended that you scrape Google search result pages because they do not want you to do that, so they show a CAPTCHA if you perform automated searches.

    They also keep changing its design and any parser will stop working frequently.

    So the recommendation is to use their Google search API that this class can access for you.

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