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Title: PHP Ajax Cookbook

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PHP Ajax Cookbook


Web development books


Milan Sedliak
Rajesh Jeba R. Anbiah
Roshan Bhattarai


Packt Publishing

Release date

December 8, 2011



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December 9, 2015
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Picture of Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez
PHP AJAX cookbook is a book describes how to use plug-ins from JavaScript frameworks that provide AJAX functionality with PHP.

The target readers of this book are PHP and JavaScript programmers, with knowledge on both programming languages.

This book covers different type of tasks with real examples using common services from the most popular APIs. All the recipes include the code in PHP, CSS, HTML and the JavaScript side.

The book is divided in 9 chapters. The first chapter describes the most common JavaScript frameworks that provide AJAX capabilities and the differences between them. The covered frameworks are: jQuery, ExtJs, MochiKit, Dojo, YUI, Mootools and prototype.js.

The second chapter is focused in the basic tasks we can use AJAX. It explains how to validate a form using Ajax, make form wizards, upload files, rating system, displaying dynamic tables and pagination system. Those recipes are developed using jQuery in the client side.

In third chapter it describes useful jQuery tools to use with AJAX such as making tool tips, creating autocomplete from a database, building a tab navigation, scrolling content, creating an image slider, creating page-less pagination, loading images using Lightbox, growing text-area using the jGrow plug-in, HTML replacement of the select drop-down, improving date selection with date picker, Drag and drop functionality, making a shopping cart, sorting and filtering data and adding visual effects and animations.

All of them are jQuery examples usage of jQuery-UI that can be used with AJAX, but they created examples that are not using AJAX. I miss AJAX examples in this chapter. I think it is collection of jQuery examples that use jQuery plug-ins.

The forth chapter covers advanced topics such as a chat system using Comet technique using jQuery, charting using Google chart API, a CAPTCHA using HTML 5 canvas and displaying data in a grid using DataTables jQuery plug-in. As in the previous chapter, the PHP part is not used, or it covers how to use these techniques without proper AJAX examples.

The fifth chapter is focused in how to debug using Firebug and IE developer tools. This chapter explains how to fix memory leaks in JavaScript and detect them using the mentioned tools, and how to see the sequence of AJAX requests with the parameters, output and headers.

The sixth chapter explains different techniques about how to optimize JavaScript code such as caching, automatic compression, early DOM load, lazy-loading of images, automatic AJAX optimization with Google and Apache modules and getting optimization tips with YSlow. Again this chapter is most focused on JavaScript than in proper PHP AJAX part.

The seventh chapter exposes best practices to build Ajax sites such as avoiding HTML markup-specific coding, security issues, SEO friendly AJAX sites (it is a pity it doesn't describe Hijax technique), preserving browser history and Comet implementation using PHP and AJAX.

The eighth chapter introduces how to use SOAP, REST and XML-RPC web services. It shows examples how to use Flicker, Twitter, Google translate, Google Maps, ipinfodb (to get the location of ip addresses, cities and countries) and foxrate currency conversion APIs.

The last chapter explains how to use jQueryTouch plug-in and HTML5 in mobile devices and how to use PhoneGap to develop mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile and Symbian devices with the same development.

PHP AJAX cookbook describes the way to use plug-ins from JavaScript frameworks which provides Ajax functionality with PHP.

This book covers different types of tasks with real examples using common services from the most popular APIs.

It is a good book for jQuery and JavaScript recipes, but not so much for PHP and AJAX. The title can confuse the reader about what he can expect from the book and what he really finds in it.
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